Ties – Arranging and playing

Playing Ties

Members participating in club competitions should note that, since there are a number of these some patience and forethought is required to get all ties played timeously.

Competition finals are held during 1 week in August/September.

The following applies to arranging ties

[NB: Player includes pairs, and triples.]

  1. First named player (the challenger) is to contact the opponent to arrange the tie at least 2 weeks before the final date for the tie.  Failure to do so will result in the challenger being scratched from the competition
    The opponent may contact the challenger if they so wish.
  2. Should the challenger have difficulty contacting the opponent then the Match Secretary should be contacted,a minimum of two weeks before the due date for the tie. The match secretary will then take responsibility for the tie.
  3. Should the match secretary also fail to get a response from the opponent then the opponent will be scratched
  4. If either the challenger or the opponent will be unavailable for any extended period of time, eg holidays, before the due date of the tie, it is their responsibility to contact the other player ASAP.

 The name of the tie winner should be entered on the sheet as required.

Marking Pool for Singles Competitions Ties

  • Members are encouraged to indicate when they would be able, in principle, to mark ties. A sheet, for this, is on the notice board.
    • Putting your name on this sheet only indicates that you may be available
    • It is not a fixed commitment, members needing a marker will contact you to see if you are able to mark on a specific date
  • Members in singles competitions are encouraged to try to arrange a marker.